Supporting Transformation

for individuals or teams


Why AGILEA offers coaching services within its range of activities:

AGILEA aims to offer another vision of service to businesses. Our conviction is that consulting and/or training is not solely based on the technical expertise of the teams.

Our vision is to provide inspiring support aimed at team autonomy and promoting collective intelligence.

Change provokes reactions that require support at 2 levels:

For the individual: Here, it is important to identify and act on individual motivational factors

For the group: Here, there are 2 elements to consider:

    • Group dynamics.
    • The leadership of managers.
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A team of certified coaches –
internal or external partners.

Our support is based on a caring and objective approach to coaching.

We base our ideas on the philosophy of the Palo Alto School, in terms of communication, support for change and therapeutic research.

Individual or team coaching
adapted to your needs for transformation

Job Coaching

Decision Coaching

Facilitation Coaching

Transformation Coaching


Our support is based on
a caring and objective approach to coaching.

This approach includes the following strategies:

Using caring coaching approaches based on active listening:

The individual or the group are in essence the providers of their solution to the identified problem. Providing a caring and protected framework allows stakeholders to take the time necessary for discussion and to identify the range of possibilities.

Understanding the functioning of a business by using the systemic or ecosystemic approach:

The transformation of a company’s supply chain affects all services through capillary action; it is therefore essential to understand the direct or indirect impacts within the different teams.

Understanding how an individual functions within a group through a ‘clinical’ coaching approach:

Each individual will react in a unique way to a given situation. It is important to be as close as possible (hence the term ‘clinical’) to different people to calmly support each person on their journey.

Relying on studies in neuroscience / cognitive sciences to adapt our consulting support and our training methods:

The functioning of the brain is a booming field of research and we rely on the latest advances to adapt our approach to supporting businesses.

Using collective intelligence tools such as

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