the transformation

of your teams

The training of your teams
is the driving force of your transformation!

AGILEA offers a wide range of training programs and state-of-the-art service.

As of Septembre 2020, AGILEA has been “QUALIOPI Certified” for its training activities. This designation validates our compliance with quality requirements aimed at offering our learners a training experience best suited to their explicit and implicit needs.

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The advantages of training

  • Recognize and validate skills
  • Open up to new concepts
  • Bring teams up to required levels


We co-construct with you the tailored training program adapted specifically to your individual and/or collective challenges.


Our training courses prepare you for obtaining French and international professional certifications (ASCM, Demand Driven Institute)

Training in Supply Chain
and Project Management

AGILEA is a leading partner with recognized international institutions such as the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM – formerly APICS) and the Demand Driven Institute (DDI).

We have also developed our certification training courses to offer a complete range of training courses for Supply Chain and Project Management professions.

Supply Chain training

FLOW Project Management training

Feedback on AGILEA training courses

Our ASCM certification pass rates are consistently higher than global averages. They demonstrate the quality of our pedagogy and the commitment of our trainers.

In 2023, the AGILEA success rate for APICS CPIM certifications was 82%, while the global average is 55%.


Based on 730 reviews from our learners’ evaluations in 2023.

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The AGILEA team facilitates training


At AGILEA, we are committed to making training a time for exchange and sharing of experiences. Our training is rich in our technical expertise developed in the field and our operational knowledge.

All our trainers are consultants in the industry, which allows them to illustrate theoretical contributions with real-life cases.

Philippe Bornert - Agilea

Philippe Bornert

Anthony Fouque - Formateur Agilea

Anthony Fouque

Damien Brochard - Formateur Agilea

Damien Brochard

Isabelle Berquier - AGILEA

Isabelle Berquier

Maryse Alfred - AGILEA

Maryse Alfred

Nadège Prin -AGILEA

Nadège Prin

Pascal Foliot -Formateur Agilea

Pascal Foliot

Thomas Couteron -Formateur Agilea

Thomas Couteron

Thomas Janssen - Agilea

Thomas Janssen

Jennifer Jullien - Agilea

Jennifer Jullien

Antony DESTENAVE Formateur Agilea

Anthony Destenave

Xavier Vers - Formateur Agilea

Xavier Vers

Our pedagogical tools will boost your learning

Asynchronous learning platform

In-class training is supplemented by Next, our asynchronous learning platform which offers additional content (theoretical contributions and associated quizzes, practical training via interactive tools, videos, etc.).

Virtual reality

We rely on virtual reality to combine theoretical learning and immediate practical application. The learner thus acquires the skill as well as the knowledge.

Smartphone application

Our application promotes learner engagement by asking them a question every day about the training in progress.

Serious games

The AGILEA technology team develops digital educational games to meet the needs of learners.

These games can illustrate a concept or serve as a common theme for training, and they are praised by all participants for their educational interest.

Supply Chain &
Project Management Training

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