NEXT Transformation

a new method of support!

Since the creation of AGILEA, we have supported our clients throughout their transformation projects.
These projects have highlighted at least one double condition for success: the project must be meaningful and the transformation must be driven by the teams.

A transformation is not simply carried out by decree; it is experienced collectively and individually.
It is therefore critical to support change on a collective and individual level. Everyone must find their way in a transformation.

Hybridised programs
for transformation


  • Mapping out the pathways for collective and/or individual transformation,
  • Learning and practicing individually or together,
  • Testing and analysing new management methods,
  • Using interactive tools,
  • Receiving support by a training consultant and/or a coach.
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The advantages of Next

  • Commitment and involvement
  • Autonomy
  • Consolidation of acquired knowledge
  • Knowledge capitalisation
  • Tools that inspire action

The service platform provides your teams with step-by-step support for increasing their skills and implementing new ways of collaborating in accordance with industrial best practices.

Each employee has access to a personal space for updating their knowledge on the scope defined in relation to the collective objective.

Each participant experiences learning independently through interactive tools. The concepts are permanently anchored at the rhythm chosen by each employee!


Our Next platform has been audited and certified by the PADOK SECURITY organisation.

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