Supply Chain performance diagnosis


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Make a complete performance diagnosis of the company’s activities

Identify the causes of failure

Propose a roadmap and improvement projects

Performance Diagnosis Context

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Industrial site of 130 people of an international group in the medical devices sector

Products in project mode or to order, strong customization

Ambition to become a benchmark site in the group

Our Approach

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Qualitative analyzes:

  • 30 interviews with operational staff
  • Process modeling, identification of VA / NVA
  • VSM workshops on 2 production lines

Quantitative analyzes: 8 KPIs validated during the launch of the project

Logical trees of the theory of constraints with the Executive committee  

Logical Tree
Impact / Difficulty

Performance Diagnosis Results

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Logic tree workshop, flow time analysis, VSM workshop

Roadmap for the rest of the project:

  • 160 improvement actions identified
  • 11 Quick Wins worksites sheets and transformation projects
  • A supply chain transformation road map with 12 initiatives
    • S&OP implementation
    • Input/output control
    • Procurement trainings …