Traffic jam in project

With the upcoming of summer holidays, we can share with you some feedbacks about these major French step of the year :

Usually, you have missing elements in your lugguage or a lack of organization about what you would like to do in this period. Even « do nothing » requires some specific organization.

  • Other will leave as soon as possible to avoid trafic jam, arrive earlier to ensure to the 1st ones in the swimming pool or at beach !

To these guys, I say Good job!

However, do not forget to have break in your road-trip and do not wast this break time because you are going to overconsume the buffer you had at the beginning of your road-trip.

  • For those, who will leave the latest, your journey will be long.

But in holidays, it is not always the distance to do which is difficult, it can be the waiting time at the toll which generate big bottlenecks ! Do not mix distance to drive and the limited capacity of some checkpoint in your travel.

  • It is good to have busy kids in the road-trip. Less noise is far better to stay focus on the road.

However, do not spend that peaceful period in multitasking : Do not check your phone, play with the radio, change the A/C, etc. Keep focus on your main action during this journey : Drive.

I hope you will have recognize some key practices in project management we have shared with you for 4 years now.

During this summer period, a new release of the critical chain book will happen.

If you look for some reading and you still have some empty spaces in your luggage, it is good investment.

If you prefer doing something else, it is ok. We will be ready to welcome you for our 1 day discovery of this methodology.

See you soon and take care of you and your family.