Remake of the project’s history

Today, we will see how we can use the fever chart to remake the project’s history.

Let’s continue our serie of article devoted to visual management, associated with our FLOW Project Management approach, and focus on the project’s history.

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Let’s have a look at this graph:

buffer protection index, project's history

If you are like most people who participate in our training, you will be pretty surprised at the red dot at first. It indicates, in fact, high consumption of the buffer.

This graph will surely surprise you because it indicates speedy progress and a significant buffer recovery. We can recover from the buffer because the gain is measured on what remains to be done and not what is done (see article 1).

The point that rolls back will likely grab your attention as well. It rightly indicates a step back on the project or activity to be redone for most of you.

Finally, most will be surprised at the vertical line. It indicates that the project is no longer moving forward and is only consuming buffer.

Then, you realize that with little information, you can imagine quite accurately what may have happened in this project.

Ask yourself if you can reconstruct a story as well with your current project management metrics. 😉