How to adapt your Supply chain skills to the market’s volatility?

Supply chain certifications.

2021 begins in an unprecedented economic and health context.

After a sudden stop in the economy during the 1st lockdown, the 2nd lockdown, less violent for employment, will nevertheless have impacted companies’ confidence and candidates in the short-term outlook.

The epidemic has brought to light the shortage of staff in the healthcare sector.

But it also revealed the crucial role of Supply Chain Management professionals in delivering essential products.

Buyers and suppliers, planning managers, inventory managers, transporters, etc., have all played their role to guarantee the continuity of industrial and essential activities.

Our environment is volatile, and the supply chain management playground is changing; 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, big data, and omnichannel are disrupting practices to manage in our supply chains.

In this context, it is sometimes paradoxical to note the mismatch between the skills sought for positions in Supply Chain Management and the qualifications of applicants in the organizations.

To fill this talent shortage, professionals in the sector have two non-exclusive avenues: certifying their knowledge and developing new skills.

Professional success depends on a combination of factors. Each individual must take control of their career to maintain their employability.

Some tips to prepare for these significant changes:

  1. First, do a skills audit. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and regularly reflect on how you can better position yourself professionally
  1. Stay alert on technology trends. Innovation is at the heart of most business processes. For example, be sharp on artificial intelligence, flow modeling, robotics, big data, …
  1. Develop your expertise in risk management. Learn to ask the right questions, quantify the risks, and build contingency plans.
  1. Prepare yourself to learn all your life. Your initial training is only the starting point of your professional learning. Always be “one step ahead” on the skills and certifications to acquire.

In this regard, the range of Supply Chain Management certifications is vast, whether international or in your country.

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And to go further, our positioning tests will comfort you (or not) in your choice to anchor your knowledge and skills.

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