ASCM - Planning Certificate
TRAINING IN ASCM - Planning Certificate


Logistics process professions: procurement, planning, purchasing, logistics, inventory management, workshop management.

PREREQUISITES FOR ASCM - Planning Certificate

Professional experience of at least 3 years, a minimum level of 2 years of higher education or equivalent. Basic knowledge of flow management. Knowledge of written professional English (training is provided in French; training materials and the exam are in English).

OPPORTUNITIES IN ASCM - Planning Certificate

Other ASCM certificates and CPIM certification from ASCM.

Duration: 10.5 hours (3 virtual classes)

Price (excluding tax): €1,300

Included: Access to the AGILEA Next platform, access to the ASCM learning system and the certification exam

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Training Program
Training objectives of ASCM - Planning Certificate

For the learner participating in the training


Understand the flow of planning from business plan to execution
Link the business strategy to the company's various plans
Contribute to production and control activities
Interpret and manage the master production schedule
Interpret and manage the material requirements plan
Determine order and reorder points
Create a channel tree design for a distribution system
Identify technologies to support synchronous planning

For the company sending its employees

Have the skills of your teams recognized with an international certificate
Have teams with an internationally recognized level of planning expertise
Have leaders capable of contributing to the company's transformation plans

Evaluation methods

ASCM Planning Certificate exam, consisting of 78 questions given remotely over a period of 3 hours in an open-book exam.

The training program: ASCM - Planning Certificate

What is Synchronized Planning?

Strategic Planning – Business Planning

Strategic Planning – Demand Planning and S&OP

Tactical Planning – MPS, MRP and Capacity Management

Operations Execution – Purchasing and Production Activity Control, APS

Distribution and Logistics Planning

Detailed program

The advantages
of AGILEA training

The experience of the members of our training team, having ASCM CPIM certification as well as ASCM instructor validation, and demonstrating extensive experience in the industry.

Administrative functions provided through the ASCM.

Individual email or telephone support provided for any questions about the training and its content.

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Teaching tools

The training program lasts 10.5 hours, divided into 3 half-days of virtual classes. It is essential to reserve time for personal work (30 hours in total). The training sessions are built around practical applications which require prior reading of the chapters on the ASCM platform: discussions around key points, questions/answers, exercises, case studies, professional illustrations, work in groups.

Detailed program

To support individual work
we provide:

Access to the ASCM e-learning platform: digital media, videos, quizzes.

Access to the AGILEA Next platform: additional resources and workspace for running virtual classes and sharing among learners.

Training exercises, illustrations, questions, group work.

The AGILEA training team


Pascal Foliot -Formateur Agilea

Pascal Foliot

Antony DESTENAVE Formateur Agilea

Anthony Destenave