Demand Driven Supply Chain, 4 websites to go deeper into the DDMRP methodology

When we talk about the Demand Driven supply chain, people often ask for additional references to learn more about this supply chain management methodology.

As demand-driven supply chain trainers and consultants, we share our top 4 websites to visit if you are in an investigative process about DDMRP methodology.

Methodology and use case 

–       Demand Driven Institute website. 

This is the reference for all content about Demand Driven MRP concept and content. The demand-driven institute is the methodology’s creator. They have plenty of examples and use cases available on the website. Moreover in this website you will find all data to go deeper in Demand Driven adaptive Enterprise model.

–       AGILEA Blog 

AGILEA’s team is exploring the use and application of the methodology. There are examples for multiple industrial environments. Thanks to these cases we have with our customers, we write articles about the operational implementation of the demand driven Supply Chain management methodology.

IT Tools and practical use

–       DDTech Blog

They developed their solution through high knowledge of DDMRP methodology. In addition the teams write articles about the method’s benefits. They also have examples on implementation for mature Supply Chain management process.

–       BLOG SAP 

Interesting article about the use of DDMRP methodology in SAP 4hana. We find screenshots and direct application of the buffer in the ERP. To clarify the use of the system, there are screenshots and application’s examples.

After all, If you are interested to get more information about the Demand Driven MRP methodology, contact us !